Eight Week Spiritual Cleansing Course

taught by Mary Shutan
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Mary Shutan
Mary Shutan

About the Instructor

Mary Mueller Shutan is a Spiritual Healer, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, CranioSacral Therapist, and Zero Balancer. She holds a master's degree in traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the author of The Spiritual Awakening Guide, The Complete Cord Course, and Managing Psychic Abilities.

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The Purpose of this Course:

Many people come to me with no idea how to properly take care of themselves energetically. They may know very basic information about spiritual usage of salt, or may have some odd ideas about sage, but generally people do not know how to properly clear, cleanse, and protect themselves spiritually.

Other people have learned how to shield themselves, or erect mental energies in an attempt to protect themselves. This is what is commonly taught to empaths, sensitives, shamans, and psychics. And guess what, it doesn’t work. Or it does work, but only for a short period of time before it wears you down (because you are utilizing your own energy, even if you think that you are not in 99 percent of cases). Shielding is meant for short term or emergency situations, and nobody should be “closing down” or “closing off” their aura or energy field. When you do this, the “good” as well as the “bad” get stuck. And you get tired. And you cannot connect to spirit the way you likely could before. And there are magical and spiritual (as in not mental/thoughtform, although you will learn some of those too in this class) ways to protect yourself that are incredibly powerful and most of all effective.

So who is this course for and what does this all mean? We are in a sea of spiritual stimuli. Plenty of us are more sensitive than others (more “psychic” or “awake”) and it is rare that any of us have the proper skills or tools to know how to clear this energy from us before it affects us physically, energetically, or emotionally. Many people are in a constant state of spiritual overwhelm without knowing it. And plenty of people have put up energetic walls or shields, disassociated in part or in full, or in some cases, are consistently dealing with spirits, energies, and other beings invading their space and their homes.

Other people interested in this course may be so because they may be practitioners– bodyworkers, spiritual workers, acupuncturists, energy workers of some sort. Others may simply come into contact with a lot of people and want to know how to properly clear themselves of all of the energy they come into contact with on a daily basis– teachers, waiters, retail workers, and so forth. And many people have done “core” or other “shamanic” work for a long time and never learned really how to do this sort of work.

It is possible to maintain energetic hygiene, to clear this sort of energy, and to know how to properly cleanse yourself and your home on a regular basis. It is possible to do so in a direct, simple fashion that will have big effects on your life. It is possible to protect yourself (if necessary) in a way that doesn’t take from your own energetic reserves.

My purpose with my classes is clear… to get you the direct experience you need so that you feel comfortable and confident doing this work in the world… either for yourself or others.

This work is based in spiritual herbalism. The basis of it is in Rootwork (Hoodoo), but also merges Folk Magic, and other magical and spiritual practices. Herbs and minerals are wonderful because they have their own spirit, their own spiritual properties… and they don’t require you to use your own energy so you will not personally get depleted.

What is Included in the Course:

  • A weekly email sent with lessons and practical material (syllabus below)

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community to ask questions of your fellow students (as well as me)

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Syllabus

  • Week One: Spiritual Bathing Basics
    Week Two: Spiritual Bathing Basics & Intermediate
    Week Three: Spiritual Bathing Intermediate
    Week Four: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics
    Week Five: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics continued
    Week Six: House Clearing Intermediate
    Week Seven: Basic Protection Practices
    Week Eight: Intermediate Protection Practices

Weeks One, Two, and Three: Learn how to properly craft a spiritual bath, what herbs and minerals (many right out of your kitchen cabinet!) help to clear energies. Learn the difference between herbs– which ones clear emotions, or clear stress, or will help you get mentally unstuck. Learn spiritual baths to clear spiritual attachments (spirits and cases of possession), jinxes, curses, crossed conditions. Know how to prescribe a spiritual bath for yourself and others based on symptoms, experiences, and properties of the herbs.

Weeks Four, Five, and Six: Learn methods to properly clear and cleanse your home. Create washes for your floors (or carpets) and walls, and learn about the spiritual properties of herbs that will release imprints, stress/emotions, remove spirits/banish, clear evil, or just allow for you energetically to get a new start. Learn about some of the common already created products (such as Florida water, Hoyt’s cologne, and others) that are on the market.

Weeks Seven and Eight: Once a proper clearing/cleansing has been done, many practitioners and sensitives wish to protect their homes and themselves. Our homes as well as our physical bodies should be our sanctuary– and there are methods to protect ourselves and our homes so that we have control over them… and random energies cannot come in our space. Learn how to properly work with talismans and to clear and create a talisman out of a ring or necklace that you already have in your possession, how to create a mojo bag for personal protection (a small bag with herbs and other objects in it that you can carry with you), and how to create a servitor to guard your home (an energy programmed from your own thoughts).

Course Contents

18 PDFs