Five Week Discernment Course

taught by Mary Shutan
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Mary Shutan
Mary Shutan

About the Instructor

Mary Mueller Shutan is a Spiritual Healer, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, CranioSacral Therapist, and Zero Balancer. She holds a master's degree in traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the author of The Spiritual Awakening Guide, The Complete Cord Course, and Managing Psychic Abilities.

This course is five weeks long and "on demand", meaning that you will receive your first week of the course after you sign up, and then weekly emails for the next four weeks.

Included as part of the course is access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and interact with me as well as other current and former students. A Non-FB option is available, you can contact me for details or with other questions about the course:

A big part of my path is bringing teachings and understandings that I really could have used on my path to those who could use them. Simply put, this is information that I developed because I couldn’t find it anywhere. It simply isn’t being taught. So my decade(s) of searching and learning how to do things, like how to discern energies properly, I have decided to develop a course to teach this material.

All sensitives (psychics, spiritual workers, and so forth) should develop spiritual discernment skills. I have developed two courses that really anyone who is sensitive (especially if you are highly sensitive, but really any type of sensitive) should take: this course and the Cleansing Course. Both allow for sensitives to know what is going on in their environment, to have clarity, and to know what to do about what they sense.

Even these basic skills can allow for any sensitive to come out of overwhelm and to begin to approach their sensitivities as a benefit to their life… instead of something that may be making them feel sick, overwhelmed, unable to turn “off”, headaches, digestive issues, constant fatigue, anxiety, fear, and confusion, and more…

I will say, as a caveat, that I cannot promise anything. I also have been a clinician in holistic health long enough that I know that physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual issues are complex, and multi-faceted (basically they rarely can be taken care of by a single anything, be it pill, tool, device, etc) but people who are sensitive who do not have these skills (who are unskilled, as the term goes) could really be helped in many ways by developing a proper tool kit for managing their sensitivities and psychic abilities.

So what is discernment?

In simple terms, it is being able to judge well, or being able to judge one thing from another thing. In spiritual work, this is incredibly important. But it is also incredibly important if you are sensitive or psychic as well. If you do not know how to discern one type of energy from another, you likely are reacting from a place of overwhelm or fear at the sheer amount of energies that are out there. You also are likely unable to discern what is yours and what is not. Sensitives and psychics who work with me are always surprised when they learn discernment skills how much that is in or around them that they are reacting to that doesn’t come from themselves originally.

When you learn the tools of discernment, you can know clearly where energy is coming from and what type of energy that it is. You can learn that an emotion of anger is coming from a living person at a party who is standing in the corner, that a feeling of fear and headache is coming from a room that someone was murdered in, or that the train car that you are in has lots of imprints (collected energies that are not conscious) that just result in “thick” energy that is causing you to feel cloudy or muddled.

By discerning you can separate yourself from this stimulus, whatever it is.

By knowing what a stimulus is, you can learn how to work with it correctly, if you so choose to. For example, an imprint (basically an echo) and an actual spirit would be worked with much differently.

Most people do not have discernment skills. They sort of “fear and clear” as I call it. This is what happens without proper discernment skills. There is a lot of misinformation, and fear-based information, from people who do not have the skills to know how to discern energies properly. Additionally, because spiritual work has been commoditized by the “self-help” and “psychotherapeutic/pop-psychology” movements we no longer have basic skills taught such as discernment… because if there is no recognition of the spiritual realms (they are all psychological) there is no reason to see or sense anything outside of ourselves.

It is sad that this basic skill is lost, because people really need it. I get asked all the time by people who can see or sense things, who are sensitive, who realize that the world is filled with all sorts of energies. The difficulty is often that they are overwhelmed, they are clouded, they don’t know how to start learning how to tell one thing from another, and often when they turn to “typical” spiritual teachers/shamanic courses these skills are not taught because of the re-focusing of spiritual work on the mental/psychological aspects of the work to assist non-sensitives to become more sensitive.

So this course is really a basic course I suggest for anyone who is sensitive. I truly wish I could have had this in my own journey about 15 years ago, and I know that a lot of you have been asking for this type of work.

This course is five weeks long, done via email (so can be taken by anyone in the world), and when you participate in the course you will gain access to a Facebook group to ask questions of myself as well as fellow students during as well as after the course.

Emails are sent once a week with skills and understandings for the week. If you do not utilize Facebook, alternate arrangements during the course can be made.

Contents of the Course:

Week One and Two: How to Discern Self from Other- learn how to tell if a stimulus is coming from you or from outside of you. Learn how to develop basic discernment skills to sense what is around you and its energetic structure. Build a library of personal experiences so you can begin to tell who you are and how you individually receive information. Build and get to know your intuition and sensitivities to the point that you can have confidence in what you are receiving. Learn how to communicate with different aspects of your body to receive different types of information

Weeks Two (continued) and Three: Learn basic and advanced intuitive skills, sharpen your perceptions and “build your library” so you can sense how you receive information, and what sort of information you tend to receive (what pathways you receive it through, or what psychic senses you tend to operate using).

Weeks Four and Five: Learn discernment. How to tell what energies are in a room, what surrounds you, what energies you tend to attract. Learn about the different types of energies that you may interact with, how to tell what they are. These final weeks are focused on education (learning the basics about different types of energies) and how to differentiate between them. By learning how to discern different types of energies you can begin to filter them. Basically this means that they will not affect you as much as they did- you will be able to process them better.

The course is focused on allowing you to understand “you” both intuitively and energetically… you will begin to understand who you are. This will allow for you to begin really discerning, and understanding who you are not. By having this baseline (who you are) you can begin to have clarity and really understand outer influences– the other energies you may be interacting with on a daily basis without even realizing it.

Sensitives rarely understand how unclear they are until they begin to get some clarity. Similarly, sensitives rarely realize how much their sensitivities impact them until they begin to learn how to really work with them. This course is an essential course in learning to do so.

You are welcome to contact me here: with any questions about the course

Course Contents

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