Mary Shutan

Mary Mueller Shutan is a Spiritual Healer, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, CranioSacral Therapist, and Zero Balancer. She holds a master's degree in traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the author of The Spiritual Awakening Guide, The Complete Cord Course, and Managing Psychic Abilities.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week One- Understanding Meditation, Progressive Relaxation

    • Hello! And the Purpose of Meditation

    • How to Meditate

    • Beginning Responses to Meditation

    • Progressive Relaxation (Full Version)

    • Imported_5 min meditation

    • How to Meditate (also, instructions for Progressive Relaxation)

    • Picture of Postures

    • Body Positioning Video

  • 2

    Focusing, Grounding and Centering

    • The Ego-Mind and Consciousness (and Hello to Week Two!)

    • Mental Training Part One

    • Focusing and Present Moment Awareness

    • Grounding and Centering Part One

    • Grounding and Centering Part Two

    • Note about Centering Practice

  • 3

    Working with Breath & Boundaries

    • Hello! And a discussion about Spiritual Emergency

    • Boundaries

    • Breathwork Practices

    • Energetic Awareness and Boundaries– Our Etheric and Astral Bodies

    • Working with Breath

  • 4


    • Hello! And the Purpose of Self-Inquiry

    • Working with the Emotions through Breath

    • On Fierce Compassion (and a discussion of trauma)

    • Loops Photo

    • Self-Inquiry (Ten Questions)

    • Meditation and Clinical Success/ Intermediate and Advanced Results of Meditation

    • Loops

  • 5

    Shadow Work

    • Shadow Work Introduction and Considerations

    • Understanding the Shadow

    • Shadow Work 1: Working with Projections

    • Ocean Floor Patterning

    • How to Do Shadow Work

    • Webs, Grids and Conditioning

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Shadow Work 2

  • 6


    • Further Resources

    • The Death Mother

    • Spiritual Emergency Basic Tips

  • 7

    Welcome to the Course! (READ ME FIRST!)

    • Welcome to the Course!

    • How to Approach This Course (especially the first Segment!)

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